Primary Update

Monday 5 January


A brief update this week - due to the late return to Hong Kong from the lovely Kiwi summer! So nice to get back and the sun is shining and it is as WARM as the lovely Kiwi summer - awesome! I hope whatever you did, and wherever you were, you had a wonderful break!

Until Chris joins us after Easter, I will be putting together the 'Primary Update' each week, please feel free to drop me a line if you have anything you feel might be relevant to share with the whole Primary school.

WELCOME to Jason Boon!

Monday is Jason's first day with us at DC as a Vice Principal. We have had the privilege of working with him before as the ESF Language Advisor. Now we look forward to his permanent role with us at DC. A big week for Jason as he transitions into our DC way of life from his ESF experience! I've heard a little rumour that Jason was a table tennis coach in a past life - so he may present a little competition for the morning tea/lunch crew!

Welcome back to Maureen O'Rourke - EdPartnerships

We welcome back to DC, 19-21 January, Maureen O'Rourke from EdPartnerships who continues to work with DC to build our own understandings, skills and attitudes around professional learning. During this visit she will once again be working with Primary and Secondary teachers, with greater opportunities for her to work with class teachers. I will be sending out an invite to teachers to express an interest in being part of this PD opportunity in greater detail during the day.

Week in Action

Please note on the Week in Action:

Monday - Collaborative Planning 3.30 - 4.30pm

• Opportunity for SST/Chinese to meet with teams if there are transdisciplinary units coming up, or in process.

• If no transdisciplinary units, this is another opportunity for teams to collaboratively plan.

Wednesday - Personalised Learning Pathways 3.30 - 4.30pm
• Time to continue learning within chosen; Teacher Inquiries, Pitch It, Learning Partnerships or Coaching pathways.

• Some teachers may be meeting with Donna regarding the opportunity to work with Maureen O'Rourke

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