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No Bullying Allowed!!!

Sadly many people around the world suffer from bullying and harassment. It should not be allowed and can hurt many targets feelings. There are multiple types of bullying that give targets and their families such a hard life to deal with. Around one third of teens from the age of 12-17 have been bullied. Girls are the more likely to be targeted. Bullying can create a scar that will last forever and will be will you for the rest of your life.


If you watch someone being bullied you are giving permission for the bully to keep on doing the very bad thing they can get in trouble for and scar people for life.

Verbal Bullying

Verbal Bullying is one of many types of bullying that targets get bullied by. It is when actions, statements and name calling is involved. This is probably the most commonly used form of bullying and is always the case at school. People at school don't even know this but someone is getting bullied everyday at school, not even knowing it. They don't stand up for themselves so then the bully thinks it is ok to do this so it keeps happening and that's when it becomes a problem.

No one ever wants to be bullied so that's why we need to stand up to it so it can eventually stop or just calm down a bit.

Just Being Me- A Short Film on Anti-Bullying-First Cut


Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that is used by many bullies via the internet. Targets are then to scared to then go on any type of technology as they are not comfortable in the position they are in whilst getting bullied. By standing up to bullies you can be a hero and save a life. If you see someone or get bullied talk to someone you trust and fix the problem that a lot of teens or sometimes even adults face.

Don't be a Bystander and help someone in need of helping.

Places You Can Visit If You Are Getting Bullied!!

There are a lot of places that you and your family and friends can visit if you are getting bullied. It is very important that you don't tolerate being bullied and stand up for yourself and any friend that you know are getting bullied. Here are some places:

1. Home and talk to your trusted parent,

2. Police Station if it gets very personal and harassing,

3. School and you can talk to one of the teachers or friend that has been in the situation before,

4. Anywhere that you feel will help you clear your mind and help you get past the hard and difficult time you are going through.

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