April 5, 2013 (Vol. 13)

Happy Spring Break Solana Highlands!!!


  • Solana Highlands Staff - Thank you for all of your efforts to maintain excellent instruction and student behavior! Our students have been doing better than ever for this time of year because of YOU, and the high expectations, quality instruction, and teaching of character - through modeling, explicit teaching, class meetings, character counts, 2nd Steps, Personal Standards, Dolphin Club, etc- that all of you contribute to each and every day!


  • Window Cleaning - Remember to take everything off your windows today.
  • Happy Birthday - Felicity Smith (4/11) and Paul Gibson (4/13)
  • 7th Annual Read With A Pro Reading Incentive Program (a flyer will be put in your boxes) -

    --- The contest will run from April 15 to May 17, 2013, and is open to students and classrooms in grades 2-5.

    --- The classroom that reads the most age-appropriate books during the contest will be visited by a Padres player, and will also attend a Padres game together as a class.
    --- EVERY student that reads 10 books will receive a voucher for a free ticket to any Reading Cinemas movie theater. And for every additional 10 books a student reads, they’ll get another Reading Cinemas voucher.

  • Have a great week off! Relax and Rejuvenate.


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The Power of Words - A very inspirational video
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