Research for The Curious Incident

Find the Good Stuff and Cite it Right!

  • Gale (password duffpeel)

  • Britannica School encyclopedia (username duffpeel, password duff7878)

Username: joanofarc

Password: library

Click here for Mississauga Library Collection

In case you're one of those people who loves to hold an actual book! Check out their print collections (though there are digital collections and databases too).

If you must Google search...

  • Select sites that end with .edu, .gov or .org instead of .com sites wherever possible
  • Avoid Wikipedia or other sites with unknown authors or lots of ads

Credible Websites for Research on Autism

Sites to Avoid!

  • Sites like and are filled with advertisements and lack the credibility of endorsement from the medical community.
  • is a wordpress blog from a source without clear credentials (the author is a "researcher in computer hardware" and the "parent of a child with Autism." These are the opinions of an individual that lacks the credibility of a reputable institution. Steer clear of unverified sources or the potential for biases in online comment boards.

MLA Format

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Use the MLA-Style Template on Word to make it easy on yourself!

To set up your document using Microsoft Word, go to:

  • File
  • New
  • In the Search Bar, type MLA-style paper
  • You will find a template pre-set to the format for your paper

It should look like this:

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Add a Works Cited Page at the end of your document

Your Works Cited Page should look like this:

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How to Set up Hanging Indents

Use hanging indents so that the first line of the entry is flush to the left margin and any additional lines are indented.

You can set up hanging indents by:

  • highlighting the entire entry,
  • right click and select Paragraph,
  • then Indentation,
  • then Hanging so that the formatting will be done automatically for you.
  • remember that your citations should be double spaced

Formatting your Citations from Databases or eBooks

  • If you have used the databases or eBooks, there will be a link that provides an MLA-style citation. Just cut and paste it into your document.

To set up your own citations:


An EASY way to create your own citations!

Purdue OWL

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University is a great place to look up specific details related to anything MLA!

Good Luck!

If you pay attention to the details, you will score top marks for formatting.

Then both you and your teacher are happy: what's not to love?