Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

by Jason Cho

History of Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

In 1923 Doane Robinson envisioned of creating an attraction so big that it would bring people all over the world to see it. Doane originally dreamed of Wild West Heroes but changed when his sculptor Gutzon Borglum wanted a shrine to democracy and something with national significance. After Gutzon Borglum joined Robinson and South Dakota 's U.S. Senator Peter Norbeck stared to secure federal funding. They got President Calvin Coolidge to fund to project. The project began. It took 14 Years to make it, and men used dynamite, jackhammers, and hand tools to carve it. It was complete on October 31, 1941

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Mt. Rushmore's Climate

Mt. Rushmore has a typical temperature of 18F - 81F all year long. It can snow there as early as September and late till Middle of May. April - June is the rainy season and July - August are the cool breeze to months that have a cool breeze at night but have high temperature in the afternoon.

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Mt. Rushmore's Activities and Events

At Mt. Rushmore you can watch a video as an introduction to the memorial, visit an interactive exhibits and learn some men and methods to create Mt. Rushmore, Stroll along Presidential Trail where you can see Mt. Rushmore up-close, See Sculptor's Studio to see Gutzon's original model and sculpture. Some events are listing to a one of the rangers talk about it and then playing the national anthem and lighting the memorial, On Independence Day four actors will dress up as the presidents on Mt. Rushmore and play a Skit, and many more events on Independence Day.

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Mt. Rushmore Facts

  • On average Mt. Rushmore gets 3 Million Visitors every year.
  • Each face on Mt. Rushmore is 60 Feet Tall which is the same as a 6 story building.
  • Washington's Nose is bigger than all the other presidents by One Feet. His nose is 21 Feet Long.
  • In 1884 before Mt. Rushmore was built Charles Rushmore asked his guide the name of the mountain. The guide replied "It hasn't got one so we'll call it thing Rushmore" Then the mountain was officially recognized as Mount Rushmore 40 years later.
  • The men who built Mt. Rushmore were miners who were actually searching for gold.
  • 90% of Mt. Rushmore was craved using dynamite and removed 450,000 Tons of Rock

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Mt. Rushmore's Association with Native Americans

Before Mt. Rushmore was being built there was an attack by the Sioux Indians against General George Armstrong Custer and his Troops. The attack was successful however the americans fought back and the Sioux Indians lost territory, including the Rushmore mountain. When Mt. Rushmore was built it insulted the Indians in three ways. 1. It was built on land that the government took from them, 2. It was built on the Black Hills the Indians sacred ground, 3. The monument celebrated European settlers who killed many Native Americans

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