Under the Shadow of Wings

by Sara Harrell Banks


An eleven year old girl named Tattnall (main character)

Obie is a sixteen year old boy who is mentally handicapped because of a fever he had at a younger age (Tattnall's cousin)


The setting of the book takes place in Alabama in 1944 in a small southern town during world war II
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Tattnall has to watch her cousin who is mentally handicapped and sometimes dangerous and she one day wants quit because of his behavior all during world war II. This conflict is an external conflict.


"Oh Obbie those aren't little houses those are tombs" said Tattnall to Obie

"Each time I see the birds, I think of our sweet Obie" said Grandmother

"Im running away" said Obie

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Plot Summary

Under the Shadow of Wings is a story that takes place in 1944 in a small town of Alabama during world war II. The main character is a sweet eleven year old girl named Tattnall. She takes care of her brain damaged sixteen year old cousin, Obie. She is stuck with him because all of her family is in the war. She wants to quilt because as Obie grows older he is becoming more and more dangerous which also leads to his death.