Hard Life

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Dan Cahill- Amy's Brother/ Main character and criminal

Amy Cahill- Dan's Sister/ Main character and criminal

Dave- Someone who helps dan and amy break out of jail

Dad- Dan and Amy's father.

Plot Summary

Dan and amy are going through rough times her mother recently died from a sickness and a war has started in there town. They are at there house and the dad had to go to the store to get some items. Dan and amy stays and they get a call and it's there dad and he is kidnapped. They get the address where the dad is and they go there. it was a trap and the whole place explodes. Dan and amy wasn't in the building at the time. they go home because they think their dad is dead but they get another call. it was there dad they answer again and the dad says "i'm coming" and they hear noises in the basement they go down and they see people. they say "we have your father, well give him back if u pay us 1,000,000$. They didn't know what to do but the people left the house. they finally made up their mind and they robbed a bank named the Dox Bank. and they got the money from the bank. they went to a church while nobody was there. and called the people that has there dad. They tell them where to go and they go and they see a huge building.. They walk inside and see there dad and other people. they get attacked but they fight back. and then he get their dad and runs. they steal a car and drive away to there house. They never got found. and then they never get found again.

Book review

I liked the book it is very interesting. I'd give it a 7/10 because it didn't tell you what happened to the Cahill family. that got me a little annoyed. But the book was really good otherwise.


When they steal from the bank named Dox bank. and also fight with the people who has their father.