Help Save Polar Bears

Arctic,Northwest Territories,Winston Churchill, Manitoba.Ca

Polar Bears and the Impacted Environment

  • A lot has been happening and; on the forefront of saving SOME of Canada's Iconic Wildlife.It has been a long and arduous road and sometimes leading to almost disastrous effects as time management and Global Warming do not understand time! Mother Nature has her own schedule and people in general do not fully understand "Her and her nature" ! Animals in the wild are just as confused if not more so than humans on the planet.Birds have to know where to migrate and Polar Bears need "ice" in order to hunt for food."Seals" are Polar Bears main food source and "Ringed Seals" but; when starving will eat anything!!

Finally on the "Endangered Species List" - "Polar Bears" - What on God's Green Earth,Happened?

The Spiral Affect..! Polar Bears and "Top" of the Food Chain..!!

All the arguments and disagreements and ALL the "political Hogwashing" on and on it goes and never for "Mother and Nature" also; it is International Woman's Day, today and am feeling a bit tired of fighting for Mother's that don't have a Voice! Mother Nature does have a voice; if we could only hear and understand "Her" and "Her" everyday Plight!! This to me is NOT "Rocket Science" and is simply, simple to figure out!! The questions abound though, as to, what do we do now?? After all that has been said and done! Just who do we blame for not thinking simply and on simple "Mother Nature" Terms...?? "I" would like an ""International Polar Bear Day!"" and a Day where everyone would "Stop!" whatever it is they are doing and "Pray"! Pray for all the Abundance and, Goodwill and, for those that have suffered needlessly and unwillingly unto our hands as "human beings" What more do we want that they don't(?) Nothing really as they want and need the same as we do and to live on this planet in peace and "Harmony" and "Food" - None of us need to Starve to Death!! This is my "wish" for International Woman's Day,Today! And,Thank-You "Lord"!

International Polar Bear Day! EveryDay!!

See content -"Face-Book"-and read and read between the lines.Read the lines of disparity and of desperation of our disappearing "Mother-Planet Earth!!"