A modern destination of adventures and magical village

General Description

Santander, a name of heroes, from the indepence stories, is now a state of adventure, adrenaline and amazing activities. It´s one of the most ravishing regions, with plains, mountains,rives,caves and canyons


Capital of Santander

is a city of broad avenues nd a bustling business sector. Called "City of Parks" because is a city with intense green of the trees and parks. It has an offer of hotel and restaurants to match the needs of every visitor, and first class golf courses

Nightlife and Entertaiment

In Bucaramanga you would expect a diverse nightlife and entertaiment, if you are looking for good choice La Mesa de los Santos and Cabecera is your best option.


During the day , why not try some shop therapy ? Bucaramanga have two big malls Quinta Etapa and Cacique


Bucaramanga offer you, all types of hotels and hostels

Other Important Information

Santander is a region of Colombia to know, explore and enjoy for the biodiversity of its nature, its places that foster the practice of sports and the choice it offers to take care of health.