Lucky guy who wants to fly

by maya diaz

about me

Hey guys! Its you're favorite tiger, Tim. Im from the jungle, and I'm 22 years old. Im now currently a single pringle and I'm looking for someone to change that. Im a superrrr fun guy & a pleasure to be around. But trust me when i say this but i can be quite the "party animal". I've been super sad since casey the cat broke up with me i thought we were puuurrrrfect , but now i moved on, AND NOW IM READY TO MINGLE. Ive really been getting sick from the jungle and need some fresh air. Thats why i want to move out in the open.


My type

Im looking for a lovely lady who knows how to play and shake her tail feathers!!!! As you could tell, I'm a super fun guy so i love funky colorful patterns.My dream bird would be someone who knows how to be a party animal like me and have lots of fun. My mom would love to meet my dream girl. So since she's a bird she could fly us back to meet my mom ( i have no clue how thats gonna work out but we can figure it out!!