Number Talks

Building Efficient Computational Strategies

Uniac 3-6 Number Talks Network

Junior teachers in the Uniac Superintendency worked in a collaborative network to implement Number Talks in their classrooms. The success of this network is evidenced through both teacher and student feedback. Teachers felt that they were able to build their content knowledge about mental math strategies, as well as their confidence in teaching mathematics. The strategy was easy to implement as a part of their regular programming and student success was clearly evident. Students shared that they loved learning about different strategies from their peers and the transfer of these strategies was observed in their problem solving work.

This Smore will provide you with an overview of Number Talks. We have also included video documentation from one of the Network's participants (Thank you, Matt Fletcher for sharing your work on YouTube). If you want to learn more about Number Talks ask your colleagues who participated in the network or contact your Instructional Coach.

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Jo Boaler Explains the Power of Number Talks

From Stanford Online's "How To Learn Math for Teachers and Parents": Number Talks

Annotated Number Talk by Matt Fletcher

Number Talk (49 x 3)

Co-constructed Guide to Number Talks

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Number Talks Prompting Cards

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Kindergarten Number Talk with Rekenreks

Math Solutions Number Talks K 2 Rekenreks

16 + 15 Number Talk

Math Solutions Number Talks 2 2 Addition 16+15

Jonathan So (Peel teacher) Leads a 'Multiplication String' Number Talk

Grade Five Number Talks: Multiplication

Fluency Without Fear

The attached article is from Jo Boaler's website . This article explains the importance of developing mathematical strategies over rote skills. She also provides readers with a variety of practical instructional strategies and games to support student learning in mathematics.


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Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math Computation Strategies Grades K-5 ~ By Sherry Parrish

This book provides a comprehensive overview of how to conduct Number Talks in your classroom. It gives explanations of each operational strategy (e.g. Halving and Doubling, Adding on, Using Factors), as well as examples of corresponding Number Talks. Included with the book is a CD with actual classroom videos. NOTE: Although this book is intended for K-5, it would still be appropriate and useful for grades 6-8.

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Making Number Talks Matter: Developing Mathematical Practices and Deepening Understanding Grades 4-10 ~ By Cathy Humphreys & Ruth Parker

This resource offers teachers practical ideas for using Number Talks in their classrooms. It includes teacher moves to help students learn from each other, develop their reasoning skills and deepen their understanding of math.