Planet Teagzoid

What a Teagy Planet it is...

Teagzoid basiccs

Teagzoid is the best planet in the solar system, it has all of the factors to have life yet sooo much better than earth. Teagzoid has many volcanoes that erupt weekly so you better steer clear of those on Thursday at precisely 4 pm. Planet teagzoid does not experience cold seasons because lord teagzam is not fond of cold (but shes just a myth). The planets axis never faces away from the star AKA sun. my star is a red dwarf which means my planet is very close to the sun. My planet does in fact have plate movement and they are all over my planet. One thing very unique about my planet is that it has no salt water we have one huge piece of land all connected with freshwater lakes and there is fresh water all around the land. The mass of my planet is 0.3 which is pretty light.

By: Teagan Shelly