POHW Before & After Poster

By: Laura Grace Kallenbach

1) Hollis' outlook on life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be a part of the Regan family.

Direct Quote: She was the one who marked int he X, spoiling my picture. She pointed. "This is a picture of a family, Hollis. A mother, M, a father, F, a brother, B, a sister, S. They're standing in front of a house, H. I don't see one W here." I opened my mouth to say: How about W for wish, or W for want, or W for wouldn't it be loverly?" pg.1

2) Hollis' ability to trust people

Hollis was abandoned as a baby. This caused lots of damage to her social life. Hollis can't trust people because she has never really been able to open her self up to other people. She has put a message in her mind that nobody will ever love her or understand her. In the end, Hollis has already been comfortable with the Reagan's and now, Josie.

Direct Quote: One night at dinner the Old Man had dropped the box in my lap: tan leather, with dozens of pencils inside, points sharp and perfect, in every color you could imagine, a thick pad of paper, erasers, a pencil sharpener. I had picked up one of the pencils: French Blue, a soft color that was almost purple. "I love this, " I told him. I had wanted to throw my arms around him, wanted to tel him I had never had a present like this before, no one had. I wanted to tell him but I didn't tell him; I ducked my head, my bangs a fringe over my eyes. But he knew; I knew he knew. pg 37-38

3) Hollis' wanting to go back to the Reagans

As she gets farther into her relationship with Josie, Hollis thinks about the Reagan's more and more. It gets to the point where she can't spend a second, not thinking about her old family.

Direct Quote: The Old Man's wooden floor shone with the same rosy gleam, and my eyes began to close as my fingers warmed but I couldn't fall asleep yet. pg 94

4) Hollis' relationship with Josie

At first, Hollis ignores Josie. She doesn't want to trust Josie. In the end, Hollis finally feels at home with Josie and can trust her.

Direct Quote: "Ah" Josie said. " You know it too. This is the way you're going to look very soon. This is the way you'll look for the rest of your life. You have a beautiful face." I swallowed. I didn't want to take the hat off. I wanted to leave it on forever. pg 32

5) Hollis' relationship with the Reagans

When she first meets the Reagan's, she is mainly trying to impress. She acts cool and competitive around Steven, but she never really shows her sensitive side. In the end, Hollis ends up as a true member of the family.....until the accident.

Direct Quote: I trotted back to them, tossing the ball over my head and catching it a couple of times just to show them what could do. pg 14-15

Maybe it was because he let me win that first game; maybe it was because I let him win the next one. And maybe it was because for the first time I really saw what it might be like to have a brother. pg 17

6) Hollis' relationship with the Mustard Woman

At first, the Mustard Woman thinks that Hollis is just an innocent little girl who needs a family. In the end, she realizes that Hollis has been running away from these foster homes, and skipping school.

Direct Quote: "Hollis, I know I'm keeping you from school." No problem, lady. pg 66

7) Hollis' thinking

In the beginning, Hollis believes that it is her fault that the Regans are fighting, and that she is the reason that Steven got hurt. In the end, Steven tells her that it's just the way their family works, and that the accident was nobody's fault.

Direct Quote: " With you?" he said. " Oh Holly. It doesn't have have to do with anyone. I told you that. It's just the way we are." pg 157