Marie Curie

Physicist/Radiation Queen


Born November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland

Died July 4, 1934 in Passy, France

Both of her parents were school teachers and she was the youngest of five children.

First woman to win the Nobel Prize in two field: physics and chemistry

Marie Curie


  • Mother died when she was 11, although this was very bad, she was able to still go to school and get her education
  • Lived with her uncle and aunt for a year after she collapsed due to depression at age 12.
  • Dealt with financial problems by agreeing that she and her sister could help each other get through school.


  • Relocation: Has to go to school and tutor at night to be able to live; often fainted from not having enough food
  • Education: Had to move to France for college since woman were not allowed to attend Polish Universities
  • Woman's rights: Marie lived in a time when women were not recognized for their accomplishments; she still achieved greatness and left a legacy to the world of science.

Science for Life

Marie Curie worked with chemicals that nobody else knew about. Her research about radiation ended up getting her sick and eventually caused her death.

Marie Curie: Owl

Marie Curie was probably an owl when dealing with conflict resolution. She was able to achieve academic success by figuring out a way to earn her education in France. Later in life, she was denied a teaching position in Poland because she was a woman and took a job at a university in Paris, France.



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