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December 5, 2014

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Upcoming Events

  • December 10 - Special Education Winter Event 6pm - 8pm
  • December 18 - Holiday Parties
  • December 19 - Early Release
  • December 22 - January 2 - Winter Break - No School

Skills We Are Working On

This week we have worked on:
  • Thinking-Win-Win (compromising)
  • Being a good friend
  • Having a growth mindset
  • Reading fluency
  • Sight word reading
  • Individual goal tracking. Right now we are tracking math and behavior
  • Small group science - light
  • Small group social studies - citizenship
  • Metacognition (thinking about your thinking) and Schema (everything you already know)
  • Making Connections
  • Following the writing process
  • 6 Traits of Writing - especially Ideas and Organization
  • Writing a personal narrative
  • Third and fourth graders have been working on answering right there questions (the answers are right there in the text)
  • Inferencing
  • Addition and subtraction fact fluency


Students are bringing home homework on Fridays. The homework is in their Friday folders. It is labeled and consists of math and ELA. Spelling words or sight words for the following week are also included. If students do not return their homework on Monday, they are expected to complete it during a preferred activity on Monday.

Color Days

There has been a change to our color days! We have been allowing students to count turn around points toward their color days. A turn around point is given when a student does not meet their goal but is able to turn it around during the same activity. For example one of our goals is to follow directions with no redirects. If the student needs one or more redirect they lose their point. However, if he/she turns it around and follows the direction then the student will receive a turn around point. While these points count toward preferred activities, they do not count toward students earning time in their grade level classroom. Therefore, when you look at the calendar and receive your daily update it will show the color day as well as the daily percentage. Students must receive a daily percentage of 80% or higher for it to be considered toward their 20 day goal of moving on to the next shark step. By allowing kids to have turn around points it helps them to feel like they didn't "blow it" and then behaviors escalate. We are already seeing higher daily percentages! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Road Trip and Safety Plan

Last Friday we sent an email about Road Trip and Safety Plan. Road Trip and Safety Plan are replacing Red Schedule. If you didn't get a chance to read that email, here is a link to the document that shows the difference:

Please contact us with any questions!

Next Week's Specials Rotation

Monday - P.E.

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Leadership Skills

Thursday - Music

Friday - P.E.


We got to check out three library books on Thursday. This week students got to choose three books of their choice. These books are due next Thursday (September 11th).

Show and Tell

Students will be allowed to bring one item from home to share on Fridays. This item must be able to fit inside of their backpacks. If the item is small (a Littlest Pet Shop figure, for example), students may bring more than one as long as they fit inside of a small pencil pouch.

Students will bring the items to school, share them with their classmates in the Compass Classroom, and then invite a friend from their grade level classroom to share with them.


Your student's monthly calendar has been shared with you. These calendars show the color day your child had and the percentage of points he/she received. If you need additional help viewing the calendar, please contact us at

We are still sending home daily sheets that state your child's color and percentage of points for the day.

Our Goals for Students

We have goals for the students in our classroom:

1. We want them to be safe.

2. We want them to make friends.

3. We want them to learn.

It is important to us to have high, but realistic, expectations for students. We want them to get to be with their grade level class as much as possible - when they are ready. This timeline is different for each child in our class. Our school district's mission is "Preparing EACH student for a successful and meaningful life." This is something we are all striving and working for.

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