The Paw Print

November 2019

Science News

November finds us finishing our Life Science rotation in the Science Lab. Fifth grade is classifying bones from their owl pellet dissection and will compare these to those of the human skeletal system. Fourth graders are completing a data analysis from their squid dissection. Next, they will begin learning about atoms and elements. Third grade is learning how to use microscopes and will be looking at their own slides they are making. Second grade will learn about the organs of the human body and how these help us. First grade will be learning all about the Kansas crop of wheat. Kindergarten is beginning a fun unit on force and motion. Thank you to the families that helped their kindergarten student make their texture pumpkin! These are on display in the hallways throughout the building.

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Music Notes

A busy October has rushed to an end! The Harvest Hoedown, though chilly, was a joyful evening .It was a delight to see the students sharing their dances and getting friends and family involved. Thanks for attending and supporting your student’s hard work! Special thanks to the PTA for having dinner available, as well as hot drinks!

Also in October, four 5th graders represented McLean at the South Central Kansas Music Educators Elementary Honor Choir. They gave up many recesses to practice and half their day on a Saturday to sing with 160+ Fourth thru Sixth graders. They gave an excellent concert and represented McLean in a most excellent manner.

The younger grades are now settling into a variety of song, game and instrument activities designed to sharpen their musical skills. Each class period holds a new challenge and they are rising to it! Kindergarten is learning new dances and working on gathering drum and bucket drumming, using their hands. Grades 1, 2 & 3 are working with mallets on drum for the first time and are impressing me with their ability to concentrate and improve their playing.

Grades 3 thru 5 are preparing to attend the Wichita Symphony in two weeks for the annual Young Peoples Concert. This will be the 3rd grade’s first YPC event. They are becoming very knowledgeable about instruments, so be sure and ask them what their favorite instrument is. The Magic of Mexico will be a symphonic and video experience. I’m excited to share this YPC experience with them!

Grades 4 and 5 and are also working hard to prepare their musical, “Oceans of Fun” for the December 10th performance at the Pleasant Valley Middle School Auditorium at 6:30 PM. Fourth grade will handle the verbal introductions of songs and 5th graders are preparing a slideshow with narration about sea creatures for their contribution. It is guaranteed to be educational and fun.

I hope all of our families have a wonderful month and make time for music in their busy days!

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Art Studio News

Kindergarteners have learned to use a variety of tools to make texture designs in their clay pumpkin project. Next they will paint their ceramic pieces once they are fired in the kiln. First and second graders are connecting art and math by drawing, cutting and gluing various lines and shapes. Third through Fifth grade classes are creating three dimensional folding techniques in the Collage Studio and are cutting and gluing their project out of construction paper.

The McLean Art Club completed the painted stain glass picture depicting bees and a beehive. They did a great job of collaborating on this project!

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November Tech Talk

4 Tips for Learning with Technology
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P.E. Shorts

We will be working on soccer and catching units this month. The kids will also have a chance to purchase cup stacks and stacking mats with timers, this info will be coming home soon. The mileage club total is up to 1109 miles which is outstanding. I always want to remind everyone to wear appropriate shoes to PE class; I still have a lot of kids wearing sandals or shoes that are not safe to wear in the gym.

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Check it Out at the Library

In the library, the 2nd graders have been introduced to the nonfiction and chapter fiction areas of the library. They are learning how to use the 5 finger test to help them find books that are “just right” for them. First through 5th grade have started lessons about digital citizenship. The curriculum focuses how to stay safe online, making good choices when using the internet, balancing time spent on devices with other activities, cyberbullying, and how to keep online games fun and friendly. And of course, we’ve spent time reading our books.
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