Mirjam Pinkhof and Anne Frank


"Suffering of the ages cometh in infinite forms, but none shall mourn any death. But please, have more respect for life, and the stars will shine."

  • ~ Makenzie Hairston

Anne Frank

  • In The Diary of Anne Frank, it was a difficult time, especially for Anne and everyone else that are hiding in the Annex. Being in hiding was a major risk for all of them because not all got along with each other.
  • For example, Anne had to share her room with Mr. Dussel when she really did not want to.
  • Also, when it came to Hanukkah, Anne surprised her mother with a present which was, "Mrs. Frank (she reads). "Here's an IOU that I promise to pay. Ten hours of doing whatever you say. Signed, Anne Frank."

Mirjam Pinkhof

  • "Mirjam Pinkhof: I grew up in an environment of very advanced liberal and humanistic ideas, but knowing nothing about Jewish subjects. We were a completely assimilated family."
  • In 1941, Pinkhof opened a new school (which was her house), and sixty students came to her house everyday.


  • I compare this theme with the song Stars Are For Those Who Lift Their Eyes. This song reminds me of the book Number the Stars. The book title mainly says "The number of Jews that died in the death camps." In the song Stars Are For Those Who Lift Their Eyes, this song is about the people who lived and died in the death camps. Those people in the death camps had to fight for their lives, which shows a lot of courage.
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Stars Are For Those Who Lift Their Eyes

Stars, stars, stars

Stars, stars, stars

Stars are for those who lift their eyes

We stand on a cloudless night

And look, and look at a million, million stars

So distant, so distant and so bright

I wonder if the tow'ring trees

And mountains tall and white,

Are reaching up, as our thoughts do,

Toward God, who gave us light

We sing our thankful to God!

The million stars proclaim

The wonder of creation

And the glory of His name,

The wonder of creation,

And the glory of His name!

If stormy clouds should hide the stars,

No fearful thought is mine

Far beyond, far beyond all earthly storms

The stars, the heavenly stars still shine,

The stars still shine,

The stars still shine!

Stars are for those who lift their eyes.


"Willingness to fight is not courage."

~ Makenzie Hairston