Games for Kids!

By Jessica Mcginnis


Create an online video game for kids that is safe, family friendly, free, and eye-catching!
For this project, students will be put in groups of 3 (or less) and pitch ideas for online games for children ages 6-10, examples being: Club Penguin, Webkinz, Neopets, etc. Students will create a website using Smore, Slader, or Power Point.

The website must have:
1. A title page (Logo of the game, pictures of characters, your names) - 25 points
2. Three examples of different features of the game (mini games, chat boxes, story of the game, etc.) -20 points
3. Explanations of how the game enhances socio-emotional and cognitive development - 20 points
4. Three examples of how the game ensures the safety of children - 10 points
5. Explanation of the game and the purpose of it (to connect children around the world, spread education, give children something to do, etc.) - 25

10 bonus points for creating 3 different characters in the game with pictures and character descriptions.


In order to receive full credit, the students must create the idea themselves without taking ideas from an outside source, such as taking existing Disney characters or other.


Example project

Pet Central! by Jessica McGinnis

Pet Central is a game for 6-10 year olds where you chose a pet, customize it, and interact with other pets in the world!
There is a chat filter that censored inappropriate language by our standards (No words like "stupid", swear words, phone numbers, passwords, and addresses.) There will also be constant moderators that monitor the chat rooms, and players who infringe on the rules will first be warned, then suspended on second offense, and banned on third offense.

Pet Central will include 10 different games, such as pet rock paper scissors, tic tac toe, fashion show, pizza making, doctor, and more!
Pet choices include: Hamster, parrot, cat, dog, lizard, snake, and horses.
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How does Pet Central positively affect kids?

Pet Central will enhance socio-emotional development by encouraging kids around the world to communicate safely and have fun at the same time! Many children experience timidness, and Pet Central will also be a way for shy children to expand their horizons and enhance their social skills.
There are games on Pet Central including word searches, puzzles, checkers, and math problems that will also give children a fun way to learn!

Play Pet Central today!