Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

Weekly Update

Hello Friends!

We have had a fabulous first week of Kindergarten! The students are already learning new words and new math and science concepts. We are working on sorting like and different objects in math. The attributes we sort by are color, size and shape. In science, we have been discussing what a scientist looks like (the pictures are hilarious) and plants, their parts and how the varying parts are used to help the plant grow. The students have done three sight words (I, is, am) in their Bottle of Words Journal. Ask them about this. They LOVE doing it. They have been busy earning good behavior points in Teacher vs. Student. Hopefully, before Labor Day, they will have earned their ten points and will have a treat. They are also busy filling their buckets with “love”. If you have not read Have You Filled A Bucket, please check it out! It’s a great read and the whole school is participating in filling buckets throughout the school year.

Housekeeping J

Picture day is next Wednesday. The students need to wear their uniforms. These pictures will be in the yearbook.

Remember, shoes need to be red, black, white or gray. Starting next Monday, I will need to write uniform referrals if shoes are not in compliance with our school shoe rule. I am so sorry about any inconvenience.

Our little friends have been very sleepy this past week. I know that getting into a routine and doing much more during the school day can be exhausting for them (and me too!). I have attached some articles about the average amount of sleep that five and six year olds need. It’s about 11-12 hours per night. In the past, the parents have told me that their children go to bed around 7:30 or 8 and they wake up in the morning ready to learn. I highly recommend being in a bedtime routine. Even if the time that your child goes to bed is later than 8, try to make it a routine that happens every night. This will help them to fall asleep quickly. Many of the students are napping during the day and this offers them a great time to relax and regroup for our afternoon learning.



Another great and slightly silly habit to help your child get into is going to the bathroom before they come to school. I have scheduled bathroom times during the day, but really need for them to have used the bathroom before coming to school. It disrupts my reading lessons in the morning and then the students don’t benefit from learning the new material because they are in the bathroom. Even when they say they don’t have to go, I ask them to at least try.

If you attend mass or other church services during the weekend, please kindly remind your child to participate during the service. It will help them during the weekly school mass. The students need to stand, kneel and sit at the appropriate times. After a few weeks, it will become more routine to them. It is so sweet when they learn the verbal parts and say them out loud J

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! I will see you all on Monday J