Science safety rules


1. Avoid inhaling in fumes that may be generated during an activity or investigation.

2. Never sit on laboratory tables.

3. Backpacks and books are to remain in an area designated by the instructor and shall not be brought into the laboratory area.

4. Never fill pipettes by mouth suction. Always use the suction bulbs or pumps.

5. When an activity or investigation requires the use of laboratory gloves for hand protection, the gloves shall be appropriate for the hazard and worn throughout the activity.

6. Glasswareistobewashedwithhot,soapywaterandscrubbedwiththeappropriate type and sized brush, rinsed, dried, and returned to its original location.

7. Solid chemicals, matches, filter papers, broken glass, and other materials designated by the instructor are to be deposited in the proper waste containers, not in the sink. Follow your instructor’s directions for disposal of waste.

8. Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory. Frivolous activities, mischievous behavior, throwing items, and conducting pranks are prohibited.

9. Entering preparation or chemical storage areas is prohibited at all times.

10. Eating, drinking, gum chewing, applying cosmetics, manipulating contact lenses, and other unsafe activities are not permitted in the laboratory.

By: Thomas LoFrisco