What is ESL?

Have you ever wondered...?

- What is a English as a Second Language class?

- How do those classes impact the learning environment of non-english speakers?

- How can technology better ESL programs?

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ESL, or English as a Second Language, is a type of class offered to students who are not english speakers. The classes are programs offered in small groups so that the students can receive individual and personalized attention. The main objective of these courses is to help nonnative speakers master the English language and ultimately reintegrate them into regular classrooms without any kind of language barrier.

According to a study conducted by the George Washington University, approximately 1 in 10 students in the public school system are English as a Second Language learners. That means that is is critically important to every classroom to be able to cater to these types of students. Therefore, it might beneficial to introduce technology into the classroom that helps bridge the gap between language and learning.

There are countless games online for students to learn other English and other languages. But it is an extremely difficult task to foster an environment that encourages ESL students to make meaning out of the vocabulary and grammar that they are learning. That is why new innovations in technology that utilize music and art as universal forms of language is critically important to the educational development of these kids.

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