February Offerings


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Dealing with people around me.

In a scale from 0 to 10, I classify myself a 8 and that's because I don't normally have difficulties to deal with people. When I have to work with someone difficult I learned to humble myself as Jesus did with the disciples, He served them. I believe that's the best way to have a good relationship with someone.

This month I focused in helping those women in the church that normally don't ask for help, some of them are very quiet. Then when I was advising one lady she said that she thought I didn't like her. She said: "You only shook my hand once and never spoke to me." Through that I could see how the devil speaks in their minds, because of that I am making sure I am more cautions with how I behave when I am around people, specially the members. Smiling, saying good morning, good afternoon, etc. That's something I wrote last month about it, but God has being revealing more things to me.

How do I see myself...

After analysing myself very deep I got to the conclusion that In a scale from 0 to 10, I classify my relationship with myself 10 and that's because if I don't love myself. Who ever will? I have set goals and I believe I will achieve them. I know my vision is great and it seems I am very far to achieve it, but through perseverance I will get where I want to get.


I was not able to have my interview with you this month, but I will when I go back to Durban.