By Toby walker


Picture: http://sciencenetlinks.com/esheets/rocks/

Rocks are hard and grey.

They sit around all the time,

and in the day and night.

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Thankful for his family

Obedient in class

Being kind to others

Your friend

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Rhyme scheme


I have a rabbit named hopper (A)

He is really great (B)

Sometimes at night, he makes lots of noise (c)

And keeps me up really late (B)


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Color poem


Black is the color of the night.

Black is the darkness that fills an empty room.

Black smells like ashes from a fire.

black tastes like licorice.

Black sounds like a wolf howling in the night.

Black looks like a night sky.

Black feels like the fear of being alone.

Black makes me long for daylight.

Black is the color of my iPad.

Black is the darkest of all colors.


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Ode to my blanket

Blanket, fuzzy blanket, I love you so,

You keep me warm when the weather is cold.

Blanket, fuzzy blanket, so soft and blue,

I could not sleep at night if I didn't have you.

During the day when I'm away at school,

You rest on my bed as all blankets do.

I know you will be there when it's time to sleep,

Blanket, fuzzy blanket, wrapped around my feet.


blazon poem

My hair is like the wind.

My legs are as strong as a lion.

My eyes are as blue as the sky.

My hands are as big as talons.

My arms are as long as tree branches.

My poem is the clouds.

I am tall as a tree.

I am the wild.


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A baseball game I had.

Putting on my hat,

I grabbed my bat.

It was my turn to hit,

And the ball flew a mile.

It almost hit my old friend Kile.

I ran I ran,

Fast as a bullet.

I flew past each base like a cheetah,

And I saw the ball from a mile.

Then I made it home,

Then my team goes wild


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White, fluffy

Floats, flys, drifts

Can make different shapes



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There was a guy named Bim

Nobody listened to him

He got very sad

and went to his dad

Then he started to look grim.


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Makes me think of

winter Makes me think of snow

snow Makes me think of Christmas

Christmas Makes me think of stockings

stockings Makes me think of candy

candy makes me think of desert

desert makes me think of snow cream

snow cream makes me think of winter


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I am a storm cloud

Dark and scary

I bring the rain

I soak the earth

My thunder crashes

My lightning flashes

I race across the sky

I am a storm cloud


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