A Dedication To All Heroes

Kyle E

In the end, we all can be...

To be heroic is to have or show courage. Most people when they hear hero think of a man standing tall with a cape, but in reality, a hero has no one appearance. A hero is not always wearing a cape, is not always rushing to save lives 24/7, and will not always have a super power. A hero is a person who is selfless and knows that the greater good isn't always what is best for themselves.

A hero is a marine throwing themselves in the way of gun fire for their fellow fighters. Imagine the trust and selflessness possessed by a marine to risk it all for his friends. Consider the life of the fellow marine that was just saved and how he now idolizes his buddy. These two marines show a lot of courage seeing as they are willing to save the other's life. The marine must have been shocked to see his friend, no, his family member flying in the way of danger like a guardian angel. Although knowing he did the right thing this marine fought for life, and for the friends and family of his fellow fighter.

A hero is a parent raising a child and doesn't care if they are related by blood or not. A couple has spent days, weeks, and even months of time trying to create a child for themselves. After failing over and over again they decided to make a bold decision to adopt. The two set of and explored their options, there were children with straight A's, children with great athletic ability, and children with great people skills, but this couple decided to adopt a child with special needs. They knew that it would be hard, that it would be costly, and that it will take even more effort, but they also knew that he needed a home. This sacrifice and love showed to raise this child is what defines a hero.

As shown above, heroes can be anyone from a man saving another's life to a family raising their children to the best of their ability. A hero is a person who is willing to put themselves last, who is able to perform selfless tasks, or one who is able to show courage in the darkest of times. People all over the world are able to perform simple tasks like teaching the uneducated, helping those in need, and saving those in danger, but few ever take the time to complete those tasks. Take a moment and think about yourself, have you ever been in one of these situations? Have you ever help those in need? Are you a hero? Everyone will live to see a moment where they can be a hero, find yours and be the hero this world needs.

Forever, My Hero...

My mom has been by my side since the beginning, literally. From the time that I was born to the time I die, because I know already she will out live me, she will always be by my side. She is so supportive, loving, caring, kind, and selfless, and I am so happy to be her son. She currently works with the top obituary site in america and throughout working there realized how great life is. She is an amazing mother of 3, wife, daughter, aunt, co-worker, leader, and hero.
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Here is the 5 and a half minute interview with Kimberly A. E., who is is a guiding light in my life and is more than worthy of the title hero.

If Only He Was Here Today To See What He Did...

A hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice some of their own time, effort, and enjoyment for the sake of others. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia and Died 67 years later on December 14, 1799 in Mount Vernon, Virginia. George Washington was many things, a husband, the commander in chief of forces in the American Revolution, and our nation's first president, but above all he is an american hero. He is a hero because of his selflessness when it came to becoming president.

George Washington is one worthy, if not the most worthy, of the title hero. According to Andrew Trees, “George Washington was a Congress delegate for both the First and Second Continental Congress, and was also the Commander & Chief of the Continental Army. He was appointed in 1775 because of his treatment of delegates from New England, who were ready to give him almost everything so he could tie up the powerful colony.” He was so kind, generous, and selfless that he took it into his own hands to not become a king and still help run the U.S. of that time. Few would be able to do such a great dead and few wouldn't fall into greed's hands like Washington did.

Now, my mother isn't the George Washington of the world but she is my George Washington. Both of them led people through rough times, both of them never lost hope, and both of them are heroes. For example, compare my mother helping six years old me flying off a seesaw and splitting my lip open to George Washington in the American Revolutionary War. Both of these heroes saw the issue, addressed in an appropriate manner, and did everything they could to help. Also both issues had a lot of blood and crying....

I know that I personally have learned a lot from both Washington and My Mother. I've learned that one, patience is a virtue, two, share the wealth for stability, and three, approach everything head on. I am glad to be here today being able to follow both of these incredible people and I know I will never forget either one of them.

The Complicated and Controversial Topic Of...

With our new president on the way and many U.S. citizens running to vote there are many things to think about including, but certainly not limited to gun control, the economy, and abortion. Abortion is a very complicated and controversial topic. Pro choice and Pro life groups have been debating for years because some believe you kill a human being in a abortion while others believe no pain is felt and that they aren't fully human until birth. Pro choice allows women to get an abortion and to give birth which is the more open and more reasonable choice in the debate of abortion.

Jane Roe was a Texas resident who wanted to terminate her pregnancy, but at the time abortions were only allowed for those whose life were on the line. The case lasted over a year when she finally ended up winning 7-2 in the Supreme Court because the court believed it was protected under the 14th amendment. Abortion will always sit poorly in some people’s stomach but in the end it is not the choice of the rest of the world but instead the choice of the individual.

Abortions, if done by trained medical professionals, are rarely harmful. Some may argue that having an abortion causes pain to the child and the death and injury rate for women with abortions is higher. According to Doctor Ranalli after the first trimester it is a, "uniquely vulnerable time, since the pain system is fully established, yet the higher level pain-modifying system has barely begun to develop" (Students For Life Of America). By having all the pain involved at the potential of a mother being harmed abortion seems like a bad option.

Doctor Ranalli is correct, but 88% of all abortions are done in the first trimester which is 8 weeks before the fetus can feel pain. Abortions should only be illegal after the first 21 weeks because by then the unborn child is moving and can feel pain. Also legal abortions are extremely safe and if we made them completely illegal more back alley performances would happen causing deaths in both the unborn children and in a lot of potential mothers. A 2012 study done by Obstetrics & Gynecology found that only 6 in 1,000,000 people die due to abortion while 88 in 1,000,000 die from childbirth. This just goes even further to show how safe abortions really are if done by a professional. Some people made the decision beforehand without doing research on the topic and assumed that abortion ration is unsafe but in reality it is not. Abortion facts are often mistaken.

Abortions aren't "an easy way out". Others may worry that people will use abortions instead of condoms and birth control. Others may also argue that abortion could be easily replaceable with adoption. Sadly, there is no physical evidence backing this up but is strictly assumed and found on many pro life sites. According to these people abortion is something used to do less or to get out of work.

Contrary to popular believe being lazy isn't a reason why people get abortions. Women get abortions because the pregnancy was an accident, they don't have the money or time to support the child, giving birth could harm them physically, or other logical reasons. There is also no evidence supporting that women would replace birth control with abortions, and looking at the numbers it doesn't make any sense. Abortion costs more money, time, and on the extremely rare occasion physical abilities. Abortions are also an EXTREMELY painful process which no one would want to repeat. Abortion will never be used as an escape but as a life saver for the women of America.

By having America be pro choice we can help our women to live happier lifestyles that they are ready for. No one wants to be forced to deal with something they are unprepared for and by allowing citizens the right to an abortion we allow citizens the right to another freedom.

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Thank You, And Please...

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