Bleed Maroon And White

Norfolk Junior High

My Quote

Why try something if you're not willing to put in the effort it takes to be good.- Parker Hansen


Lazors is a mind boggling experience. You have to make the lazor hit the black dot. It is very hard to do it on certain levels others it is easy. They have regular blocks, glass blocks, non movable blocks, and dark blocks. The developer is Pyrosphere, another game they made is the Last Fish, this is another mind boggling game.

Movie Review

Red Dawn

Chris Hemsworth(Jed Eckert) Josh Peck(Matt Eckert) Josh Hutcherson(Robert Kitner)
Adrianne(Toni Walsh) Isabel Lucas(Erica Martin) Brett Cullen ( Tom Eckert). This movie is about a Josh Peck (Matt Eckert) and how he had a marine core brother Jed Eckert and his father being a cop. The North Koreans take over their section of america. They try to take back their town with Matt’s friends they slowly, but surely. They call themselves the Wolverines, that’s their high schools name. They create chaos like terrorists would. It takes place in Calumet, Colorado. The message of the story is to fight for what you believe in and never give up. I liked it because it told us never to give up and fight for what you believe.
Red Dawn Official Trailer (2012) Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck HD

Argument #3

My view with supporting details.
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School Uniforms

School uniforms should not be a rule because we are a public school. My point by that is that we should be free. Free enough to be able to where our own clothing. People like to wear different clothing. Have their own styles to be able to show off. It would be terrible to see the same thing everyday and that would be bad. Everybody expresses themselves differently, you can't put a stop to that, that is insanity.

Feature Story

Thomas Robinson

by: Parker Hansen

Thomas Robinson was born on March 18, 1991. At 6’10’’ 238 pounds he led Kansas University with 17.7 points per game. In his junior year he had 27 double-doubles. Also in his junior year vs. North Dakota he scored 30 pts. and pulled down 21 rebounds. I chose Thomas Robinson because of all the adversity he has had to come through. His mother Lisa Robinson died in his sophomore year at Knsas. She was 37 years old when she had a heart attack, in January. His Grandparents also died one week before that. After that season, he was a beast at power forward. As I said earlier 17.7 ppg. is insane for a junior. His field goal percentage was 65%! I chose him because he motivates me to be better, and not take anything for granted, because you can lose anyone at anytime.

Nursery Rhyme

Little Tommy Tittlemouse lived in Europe in a rather small house in Paris, France. He liked his little house because it was comfy cozy and made his cheeks nice and rosy. On the day of January 2nd he decided to put some yellow boots on and go fish in other mens ditches. In that ditch he found a tire. He said, “That’s not very good for the planet!!!” He was so outraged he had to listen to Bill Wither’s Greatest hits album. The first song that popped up was ‘Lean On Me.’ He knew that song so well, he sang along. He sang, ‘Some times in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow, but if we are strong, we know that there’s always tomorrow.’ That one song made him so happy he threw his fishing line in. He caught 16 fish!! The next day he was hopping with joy!! He had enough food for six weeks. He said, “I’m the luckiest man alive.”