No More Handwriting in Schools

Schools are switching to keyboarding standards instead.

Bye, Bye, Bye

Many cursive and handwriting standards have been removed from curriculum. Teachers are being told to focus on keyboarding and technology skills. The overall personal touch of handwriting will no longer be taught to children. They will not be able to sign important documents like checks or even a birthday card. Children will also not be able to read the Constitution of the United States of America or any other historical document. Research also shows that they will also have a much harder time learning to read and spell because they are not forming the letters themselves. So why are schools removing handwriting standards?

Technological Takeover

Digital natives are more interested in technology. They will often pay more attention if they can use a tablet over a piece of paper and a pencil. Technology is the future, and the current and future children need to be proficient at it to be successful. Some schools have even started to have kindergarten classrooms take keyboarding classes. Is this taking technology too far?