6th Grade ELA Newsletter

By Ally Beamesderfer

This week in language arts, students continued to read from The Book of North American Owls by Helen Roney Sattler. Students read chapter 3 independently while stopping to respond to questions while they read. While reading chapter 4, students learned how to summarize their reading by creating a 4 step summary. This is a skill that they will use throughout the year and it will be assessed in their final owl project. Thursday morning, students were surprised with an owl assembly presented by Zoo America. It was great seeing 4 different owls from our area that were also discussed in the reading. Students really enjoyed seeing the book come to life.

Next week students will be introduce to our final owl project and will be given a partner to complete the assignment with. This will be worked on at the collaborative station however, each students will be responsible for their on part. They will be creating a SMORE (similar to this newsletter) about chapter 5 in The Book of North American Owls.

Upcoming important dates:

Pronoun/sentence quiz: Tuesday 9/29 (students received a study guide for this today)

Vocabulary test: Wednesday 9/30

Owl project due: Wednesday 10/7