From 2015 to 2016

"It was lit"

Companies who marketed themselves the best in 2015

#1 Product of 2015 - The iPhone 6s

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#2 Product - Apple Watch

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Worst Product of 2015 - Sony Walkman 2015

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Biggest Movies of 2015


Movies usually have brands marketed inside the film yet Disney manage to do the complete opposite with normal brands getting on the Star Wars bandwagon to raise their sales.

Biggest Movies of 2015


Marvel has a very good reputation when it comes down to superhero movies, and with this squeal it was bound to become as popular as the previous.

Biggest Artists of 2015

STORMZY drove Twitter wild when starting #ShutUpForXMasNo1 to get his new track in the top charts for Christmas songs, and it actually worked.

Biggest Artists of 2015

DRAKE pulls for another 'banger' with Hotline-Bling making it a massive hit through his equally massive following.

New Years Resolutions

· Personal improvement

- To become a better student and be successful in highschool to make it into a good Uni.

· Family and friends

- To be more open and honest with friends and family.

· School and the outside world

- To become a successful and good student.