Online Relationships

Ways To Know If They Are Who They Say They Are

Who Are They

There are so many ways to get to know a person online. But for a relationship there is a chance that they are not what they say. There are about 28% of people are uncomfortable or feeling harassed. There are 54% of people that put false information online. You don't want to be part of that. There are way to know if you are getting trick and, tip and ways to avoid it.

The Love That Did Not Work

Here is Jenna's relationship story.

Her and her boyfriend went separate ways. So one of her friend had a successful relationship on a website called Plenty of Fish. This site said that it was promised a "perfect match". Jenna spent hours to "meet people". As a little time went away she was almost ready to delete her account because it was havoc than anything. Than one day out of the blue a guy sent his profile pictures to her. She thought that her was pretty cute. While she thought that, he thought she was the perfect match. His messages were actually realistic, but her started to ask a lot of questions. As they got to know each other, they stared to text everyday and have long phone conservations. In some of the conversations he told me that he kept gaining weight. Then the big day came we were going to make a decisions for a date. Jenna thought it would not be a big deal because they live close to each other. Instead he told me to meet him at his house around 1 a.m. So I stared to drive to his house. Than I got a text message and he told me to turn round. Than a couple seconds later I got told it was to late. Than I told him that I was on my way there. So I kept going. When I got there, inside it was a little light inside. Than I saw him for the first time. I thought to myself that her was at least 100 pound more than the pictures he sent to me. Than her said " You probably hate me because I lied". Than I practically ran away.

The reason this did not work is that even when Jenna was questioning it but,she not stopped.

Ways To Avoid The Tricked

Ways To Avoid It

There are certain ways to know if you are getting polled in to a person trick. Here are some ways to know.

1. If someone starts to talk to you randomly, you should be suspicious. Think of real life times that this would happen. It might happen when people are sailing items and need donations.

2. Do NOT give away personal information. You should keep your phone number and address to your self.

3. Stay in control. You don't want to give anyone "borrow" money. You also want to meet them eventually to know if they say who they are.

4. Ask proof that that the person saids that they are. Ways to gradually to new is ask what school that they went to when they were in high school, and their birthday.

Those are just some ways to avoid these situations.