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Sod Installers Atlanta provides tips for installing sod at your farm

A sod is having a great characteristic that it can be installed in any of the season which means that the sod does not need any special time for ties installation it can be sowed any time when the ground is ready for tilling. Thus Sod Installers Atlanta provides you some tips for receiving a good quality sod. As when you want to till the sod in your yard, then you have to spade the area nearly to the depth of four to six inches. You have to be very sure about the soil that it may slope away from the foundation by which he issues of drainage will be eliminated. Next step is that your lawn soil must be tested by an expert so that it can be determined that what is the need of your soil is.

How to keep the soil fertile?

If a person is interested to make their lawn beautiful then they have to provide the best quality of materials to the soil such as fertilizers, peat, compost, lime which is need till the depth of three to four inches. The person has to remove all the rocks, any plant roots, or any clods of large size. After that you have to roll the lawn with the roller which is full of water till one third which levels the soil. And at last water the area to settle the soil.

Mowing pattern of the sod

Sod Installers Atlanta says that there is not one pattern of mowing thus you can change your pattern in every mowing which is quite good for your sodden yarn.

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