Harrison Parent News

Christa Smyder, Principal Vanessa Hudgins, Dean of Students

PTA Membership Drive

PTA will start its annual membership drive September 14-25. Anyone can be a PTA member, including students! Students that sign up will have a sticker added to their trust card. This will come with some special privileges such as treats and discounts. The classroom with the highest percentage of membership (including parent, grandparents, and themselves) will earn a day of alternate dress. If we get 713 memberships by September 25, students will have Friday jeans days until Thanksgiving break. If we get 1,000 members for Harrison PTA(I know this is a lofty goal), all students will receive an alternate dress day.

Energy Conservation Week

To promote Energy Awareness Month, Wylie ISD is holding an Energy Awareness Competition September 28 - October 2! There will be several activities targeted towards saving energy and increasing awareness for the carbon footprint of Wylie ISD. The school that has the highest participation and energy savings will receive a trophy and will be publicly recognized for their accomplishment!

UIL Tryouts

It’s UIL time again! This year’s contest will take place on January 28, 2016, and the Ready Writing contest will be on January 27, 2016.

Tryouts will begin the week of October 6, 2015. Students may try out for a maximum of two events not including Ready Writing. However, they may only compete in one event not including Ready Writing. Listed below are the academic events and tryout dates/times:

Event Tryout date/time Room #

Number Sense (5th and 6th) 10/6 at 3:30-4:00 and 10/7 at 7:45 308

Listening Skills (5th and 6th) 10/6 and 10/8 at 3:35-4:00 126

Picture Memory (5th and 6th) 10/7 at 7:45 and 3:30 217

Oral Reading (5th and 6th) 10/7-9 at 7:45 124

Dictionary Skills (5th and 6th) 10/7 at 7:45 and 3:30 119

Calculator Skills (6th only) 10/6 at 7:45 and 3:30 307

Spelling (5th and 6th) 10/8 at 7:45 and 3:30 207

Music Memory (5th and 6th) 10/8 at 7:45 and 3:30 BH

Mathematics (6th only) 10/6 at 3:45 and 10/8 at 3:30 312

Maps, Graphs, and Charts (5th and 6th) 10/7, 10/9 at 7:30, 10/6, 10/8 at 3:35-4:15 323

Ready Writing (5th and 6th) 10/7 at 7:45 and 10/8 at 3:30 114

Social Studies (5th and 6th) 10/6 at 3:30 and 10/8 at 7:45 313

Transportation must be arranged for your child on these days.

Cell Phones

Students may bring cell phones to school; however, they are to be turned off during the instructional part of the day unless the teachers asks that they be used to support student learning and instruction. Students should not be placing calls, receiving texts or calls, texting during the school day unless asked to do so by an adult in the building. If your child is ill, he or she is to report to the clinic and Nurse Melissa will call parents accordingly. Cell phones may be confiscated and returned at the end of the day if students are not following campus expectations.

Collin County Adventure Camp

Grade 5 students only. Cost: $165 checks made payable to Harrison Intermediate School. Parent Chaperones $100 (lottery system). Final payment due on or before October 23, 2015.

Mark your Calendar

· September 14-25: PTA Membership drive

· September 28-October 2: Energy Conservation Week

· September 28: Wear Green for Energy Conservation

· September 30: PTA Spirit Night @ Cici’s 5-7

· September 30: SMART Girls Applications due

· October 2: Fall Pictures

· October 8: PTA Spirit Night Speedy Taco 5-8 pm

· October 5: No School

· October 12-15: Book Fair

· October 23: Grade 5 Collin County Adventure Camp Trip full payment $165 due .