EUSD Community Newsletter

Summer Edition

Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Members of the EUSD Community,

As part of our continuing efforts to share District news and updates with you, we are excited to bring to you the next installation of our community newsletter. The newsletters are designed to provide you with some of the exciting work being done by our students and staff. We use this tool to keep you up to date with the latest news from EUSD. This newsletter is one of many information links to our District. You will also find much of this information on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, PeachJar, Parent Link app, and through school and PTA newsletters.

It has been a great honor to serve as your superintendent for the past ten years. I am proud of the work that we have done together and am confident that EUSD will continue to be a state and nationally leading school district in environmental stewardship, health and wellness, civics, student film-making, blended learning, project-based learning, information literacy, and a number of other areas. What makes this so exciting is that our best work is still ahead!

Thank you for an amazing school year. And, I wish you and your family a wonderful and fun-filled summer.


Tim Baird


NGSS Rockstar Teachers and Students!

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were unveiled six years ago. Since then, EUSD has risen to the challenge of change and implementation, leading the way for others to follow.

With the introduction of PowerSchool in 2017, teachers at EUSD have benefited from two complete science units at every grade level. These units are complete with lessons, hands-on experiments, and materials delivered to their school sites. These units provide opportunities for students to ask questions, and make sense of science while having the freedom to make mistakes, gaining new depths of knowledge and science understanding like never before. The evidence that teachers are diving into NGSS is clear at every school site, and at EUSD’s Farm Lab. Rigorous, in-depth science practices are creating a buzz throughout the district. This brilliant buzz is clearly evident in classrooms, and in the science notebooks of our engaged and highly motivated students!

Change is never easy, but having units planned out, with room for teachers to create, share, and add their own unique style, plus students engaged in rigorous science exploration provides the “why”, making this definitely a change for the better! See our rock stars in action in these images.

To view more photos and information on NGSS, please visit this link:

Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Update

Thank you to everyone who completed a survey or attended one of the 20 LCAP meetings we held for staff, families, and the community. We wanted to share some of the results of the surveys and input sessions with you.

Two themes across all groups including parents and staff regarding areas working well were:

  1. Math professional development and how it is improving learning
  2. Communication across the district at all levels

Two themes across all groups including parents staff regarding district next steps were:

  1. Math Resources, Instruction, and Differentiation for ALL
  2. Social and Emotional Learning for ALL

Please see attached the LCAP 1 pager with highlights from the LCAP and new actions and services. Thank you to OPE SSC, EEF and PTA for this suggestion!

Click here for the English version.

Click here for the Spanish version.


Got Summer Plans? It’s not too late to register your child for ASPIRE Summer Camp, which will be held this year at Flora Vista Elementary School. There is still room for in weeks 5-7 (July 22-August 9). This summer will be packed with fun-filled activities such as Game Truck, water days, wacky Wednesday theme days, and optional field trips including the Midway Museum, bowling, and the movies! Space is limited to the first 200 students. To reserve your spot, please click here . Registration will close on July 5.

New Math Resources for 2019/2020

Over the last year, thirty dedicated teachers from all sites served on our Math Committee to select new math resources. The Committee selected two programs to be used in all classes next year. First, iReady/Ready Classroom materials were chosen as they best support students various levels (at, below or above grade level) and are in a format that had is teacher, student, and parent-friendly. This resource can be utilized in ways that support conceptual understanding and deep learning. It has a strong adaptive diagnostic assessment, daily problem solving, a clear scope and sequence and a workbook/text to support learning. The digital component includes adaptive lessons and math games. Most of the materials will also be available in Spanish prior to school starting. Like any resource, it should be used as a tool with strong pedagogy and professional decision making on the part of the teacher. Cognitively Guided Instruction and leading with conceptual understanding must be the underpinnings of all math instruction. The independent and support materials are there to further develop and practice the concepts.

The second resource purchased is called Exemplars. It is a bank of rich problems and math tasks for teachers to utilize to support student problem-solving. This resource also provides leveled problems so students who may be working at an advanced level and students who may need additional support have problems in their instructional range.

Teachers received a brief overview training on June 7th and will receive in-depth training on the use of these resources throughout the year next year.

EUSD Students Captured their Learning Using Film

Congratulations to our 330 EUSD Film Guild students and their amazing work with film this year! These students learned about camera angles, stop motion, sound, lighting, scriptwriting, and perseverance! Here are some of our Film Guild statistics:

  • Over 62 films created by kids this year.
  • 20 were nominated for the iVIE Awards with 2 receiving Go Pro cameras and more!
  • 5 were nominated for the California Media Festival, and 3 of those WON awards!
  • 29 films were nominated for the EUSD Film Guild Awards, 7 films won category awards, and eight other films received specialty awards including the Peoples Choice Award going to "Too Much Homework" by ECC

We are all so proud of the hard work and dedication that went into each engaging, informative and inspiring film! Congratulations to all students, mentors, and all nine EUSD schools!

**Is your student interested in joining the Film Guild next year? Keep an eye out for posters announcing the application submission window during the first week of September!

EUSD Summer Learning

Be sure to keep an eye out for our annual "Summer Learning" email that will provide parents with digital programs and activities they can work on over the summer. The email will be coming out mid next week and will be a digital flyer instead of going home with the report card. Thank you!

Summer Ideas, Activities and Options!

Thank you to our PTA who shared the following information and links with us.

Family Summer Day Trips for Southern California

Southern California has so much to offer families from the beach to the desert and from the city to the mountains during a summer “stay-cation.” Here is a link to one mom’s blog where she shares a list of her “Top 10 Best Family Day Trips from San Diego” by San Diego Mom’s Blog

Did you know …

Your Public Library is your best summer partner to beat the summer slide?

And it’s FREE!

If you don’t have your public library card, then now is the time to get it because your public libraries (both Encinitas and Carlsbad) have amazing summer programs for the whole family. Yes, the public libraries have the latest and hottest books that every will be talking about this summer, but wait there is more! Did you know that the public libraries have 3D printers and classes on how to use them? They also have online resources that can be accessed from home for free! All you need is your public library card.


Encinitas Public Library: ONLINE BOOKS

If you don’t a public library card the steps are easy:

  1. Go to your local public library
  2. Tell a librarian “I don’t have a library card.”
  3. The librarian will make sure you have one for you and your family before you leave!

Did you know…

Common Sense Media Summer Movie Reviews

During the summer some families love to go to the movies. Common Sense Media provides a 2019 Summer Movie Guide for families so they can be “in the know” about age-appropriate content. Here is a link to the “Kids’ Summer Movie Guide for 2019.

EUSD Farm Lab Updates

Educational Programming

In the past month, we’ve hosted all of the district’s 1st and 3rd graders for one day learning experiences built around Next Generation Science Standards. First graders learned about organic farming and pest control practices, planted marigolds, went on a nature hunt to discover different ways our food grows, learned about the healing properties of plants, and engineered an organic pest control device. Read more here....

Property Enhancements

The north side of the property has been planted with natives and multiple shade trees, and a large sycamore tree was planted in the driveway island. (We are offsetting our carbon footprint!). Our upcycled sea container office and conference room have been placed, and we received a grant for our security gate and to install security cameras. Read more here...

Events at Farm Lab:

The ‘Zero Waste Fair’ on June 1 hosted by I Love a Clean San Diego was a huge success! Green Feast was held on June 8. Funds raised will support the installation of a post-harvest station and greenhouse on site.

This summer, The Ecology Center will be hosting a film series, farm to table dinners, DIY workshops, and more. (Dates TBD.) Hope to see you there! Read more here...

REMINDER: Helpful Parent Videos are Online!

Just a reminder that helpful " a SNAP!" videos are viewable all year long on the front page of the website. Topics such as "Logging in at Home", "Screen Time", "CAASPP", "iBoss", and much, much, more. All videos are created by students and are posted for parent's to access anytime.