Digital StoryTelling

Tools and Resources

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Digital stories derive their power through weaving images, music, video and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, and insights.

Why Digital?

  • Digital stories are inherently easy to replicate and share.

  • Digital stories are not constrained to text, but can make use of imagery, audio, video, and socialvaffordances available in the medium.

  • Digital storytelling can foster innovation and creativity as there are unlimited genres & forms available for expression.

Benefits of Digital Storytelling:

  • Digital creations are easily kept for long-term purposes
  • Parents can view and comment on student works throughout the year.
  • Parents can see learning as it's happening.
  • Encourages children.

Evaluating Tools

Voice Thread

  • Ability to comment on the side (audio or text).
  • Embed links and add creative comments.
  • Students can connect globaly with other classes around the world!
  • Example

There is a fee for Wobooks, but you can have 5 for free! You can make more books, but you can only have 5 saved at a time.
  • can upload documents, pdf
  • online and mobile access
  • can illustrate or write your own book or collaborate
  • flipbook (flip pg-by-pg)
  • 3D ebook
  • Private or public
  • You get five free books if you'd like to use it
  • Can see examples of books others have created
  • Students create a page (ex. through Pages), saved as PDF, and then teacher compiles intoWobook
  • can embed into a wiki or website
  • upload a powerpoint to create a book
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Mixbook for Educators

(app called mosaic)

  • Mixbook is free to create but there are fees to print

  • EDU features geared for students (photo books, cards, calendars)

  • Choice of themes, backgrounds, layouts, stickers, fonts

  • Share with parents, friends and family

  • Offers educator discount for printed books (such as yearbook)

  • Use for Bio project for this year.

  • Use for Science Camp fundraiser. ABC about Science Camp to introduce camp to students and get

    students excited about going.

  • Possible use as fundraiser (sports team, student art, student poems, etc)

  • Can add collaborators

  • Settings--> choose who can see it "Only those with link" is great for students

    >> Idea: use to modify photos before placing into Mixbook


Narrable uses storytelling through images and narrations to engage

students and to draw out important higher order thinking skills.

choose pictures

record voice with built in microphone, or mobile phone

Make Believe Comic

Comic Maker

Great Website - must register

Also an app for iPad

Support in 5 languages!



Great Starter site

Artwork is already present. They simply drag and drop the artwork into the book based along the story they have created

No voice recording

Up to 5 done for free



Thinglink has educator accounts where you can set up student accounts

free but do have a premium paid for account as well with more bells and whistles

Can make a static image interactive

There is a Thinglink challenge going on now: Fun projects, neat sharing.

Use thinglink for xmas around the world project...image of maps from country being studied and place links with information about traditions, foods, music, recipes etc.

Brainstorming Tools

do have a free account--only 2 per week

limited on choices

webbing/mapping tool for pre-writing

also an app

also mapping

also free for 3

can export images and share

Photos for Books


Turn your blog into a book, or turn PDF files to books
Create your books with photos from Picasa, Flickr, SmugMug, Photobucket
Online templates or customizable layouts, text editing
Create beautiful, streamed photobooks
Embed your books into your websites

Very similar to Mixbook

Good for photos



free photo editor

offers some personalization for digital yearbooks

Digital Storytelling Links

This Symbaloo is linked to several symbaloos to help you with digital storytelling.

Avatars, comic books, videos, storybooks, collaborating, apps, etc.

Word Clouds

Use word clouds for story ideas:


ABCya! also has an app

Mosaic word cloud


Stop saying hand it in and start saying publish it:)

Publishing Tools:

WixPBWorks (wiki)