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Week of December 7th-11th

Happy Friday! I hope you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Only 10 work days till Holiday Break! You all have raised the door decorating challenge to a new level! WOW! I am impressed! Judging to happen soon and the awarding of FABULOUS prizes!

Please submit your ballot by Monday, Dec. 7 for TOTY, BOTY, POTY!

Please analyze your CPAA and do intentional grouping to close those achievement gaps.

Coming soon:

Tuesday,Dec. 8 Police Visit (719)

Wednesday, Dec. 9 Latino Literacy (719) 8:30

Wednesday, Dec. 9 Staff Meeting (Activity Rm) 3:30

Thursday, Dec. 10 Lunch and Learn: Technology (This is the last one, optional, but come and ask questions get help while it is available.)

Friday, Dec. 11 Choir Performance (Activity Rm) 9:30

Friday, Dec. 11 SPED Mtg (719) 11:30

Upcoming December Birthday Girls:

Sydney Gantzler 12/14

Caroline Hayes 12/18

Debbie Morris 12/25

Janaki Ramalingam 12/27

Rachana Kapadia 12/29

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Thank you to the Dynamite Assessment Team, Laura and Stephanie, I appreciate all you do!
  • Thank you to Jacke Focke for decorating our doors and making them look sooo…..festive! ~ Alesia
  • Thanks to everyone that has worked so hard to decorate some amazing doors! ~ Gerry
  • It’s looking like the Holidays around here! Big shout out to all the crafters in the building making it look so festive!
  • So many of the TA’s have worked so hard to make our building really feel like the holidays! They have done an amazing job! ~ Elena
  • Shout out to Stephanie Griffith for managing our Santa’s Food Drive. 256 cans were collected and donated! Great Job!
  • Thank you Elena and Nikki for decorating the office, it looks awesome. You guys are great! It makes us and everyone who comes in the office HAPPY!!!! Our theme is, “All Children Are a Special Gift”. In the office, our slogan is, “Our Beaty Family is OUR Special Gift”. ~From the Office Team
  • Mrs. Dendy! For being so artistic and working so hard on our classroom door project.~ Shauna
  • Mrs. Schuller for being so patient with my classes who are so talkative! ~ Shauna