Equal Rights Amendment

women rights

Alice paul

Alice paul was a very good supporter of rights for people she evened started a group called a womens party.Also she also helped create the 19th amendment. She did this by pushing her opinions towards others thats when people started to realize the unfairness of how women where treated thats when men started to do things . For example thats when people of all kinds started to take a stand.And for her and many others taking a stand it made women to be able to do what other man do like voting and work the same jobs and be treated the same like men were.This effected many women in that time period

Making women able to vote

Steps of success

Before the 19th amendment many people had to do many things .for example some had to walk in parades .some had to talk about it in different places.also some had to yell and take a stand and influence others of what was going on .this are the steps of the 19th amendment and get the rights of women .