Canada 2060

What will Canada look like in 2060?


I will be talking about Canada's current immigration, demographic, and First Nations situation in Canada, predictions on what the birth, death, and natural increase rate and other demographic indicators will be in 2060,Predict how immigration will change by 2060 using: country of origin, immigration rate, push and pull factors, and province of settlement, predictions on what will happen in the future of First Nations communities in Canada.

Canada's current immigration

So far Canada has had a good history of letting immigrants into our country I personally think that we can be proud of Canada's immigration history because Canada has excepted many people who have immigrated and came as refugees to Canada and we have also excepted all different races and different ethnic and Canada excepts 250,000 immigrants each year. In fact immigration intake in Canada has been far too high since 1990. The relationship with the First Nations is the biggest issue Canada faces. To continue to ignore their culture, their dignity, their rights and their treaties will continue to have adverse effects on the economy and environment.

population growth increase will be in 2060

Hans Rosling: Global population growth, box by box