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What's Up? Classroom and Communications Skills Program

September 15th-September 25th

Work Hard, Be Safe, and most important, BE KIND.........

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives...we sometimes forget the very "basics" of what it feels like when someone is KIND to us. When someone gives you the cart at the grocery before you walk in, or someone in line in front of you buys your Starbucks drink, or someone simply tells you, "thanks for being in my life," these statements that are KIND make us smile, and make us feel happy! In our EC program here at HSE and also here at Cumberland Road Elementary, we try to instill these ideas into our students! Our EC and CRE school "mantra" revolves around the ideas of....Be Safe, Work Hard, and Be Kind! We are continually reinforcing our kiddos by saying things like, "I like the good choices you made," or "that was kind to help your friend," even, "thanks for walking so we can keep our bodies safe!" I encourage you to also use these kinds of phrases and verbalizations at home, in the community, all around! Thanks for always connecting home and school! The kinder we are, a better world we will build!

Ms. Leslie :)

Guess What's Coming Up?

Check this out......

This section of our newsletter will focus on what our "theme" will be that we explore for the next few weeks! We have just jumped into the first week of, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame!" During last week and this coming week we will be learning all about sports and different balls and equipment we use to play these sports and games! This past week at Circle we read an adapted story called, "Ball, ball What Do You See?" We wrote it in the same style of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," so it was a big hit! This story helped us learn some new vocab., matching picture to picture, and matching picture to object! This week we will be reading hopefully another big hit with, "Spot Loves Sports," and finding the pictures and objects that Spot the dog needs to play his games! We are "shaking our sillies out" at Circle using bumble balls, as well as singing a funny song about "My Backyard," that the kiddos absolutely LOVE! I typically make music CD's for the kiddos to all take home with them! They are coming.....just technical difficulties with getting our CD burner to work! :) At stations for these two weeks, we are sorting balls by color, sorting between balls and bears, trying to make some scribbles in circles, learning how to use glue sticks, and rolling the ball back and forth! Our project last week had us painting using golf balls, and this week we are making a bouncy ball sensory bottle to send home! Watch for that in backpacks! As always, we will continue to use our communication boards and pictures throughout all activities to continue to promote communication, transitions, and overall classroom rapport! We're learning, growing, and having fun!

Ms. Tina's Tidbits!

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In this section of our newsletter, Ms. Tina will be giving some language and communication tips to use that will connect home and school! Our language and communication is a integral part of our classroom, and we all want to be on the same page!


Looking for toys to play with at home to stimulate language and speech development? Speech Language Pathologists and teachers who work with young children in preschool use a variety of different toys to stimulate language and acquire or increase their vocabulary. Here is the list of "must have" toys that can be used at home to help stimulate language with your child at home!


A farm house with farm animals

Plastic jungle animals

A doll house with little people

A castle set

A Teddy Bear

A doll with variety of clothes

Cars, trucks, boats, and trains

Wooden puzzles such as Melissa and Doug (They offer a great selection of puzzles with animals, transportation, shapes, colors etc.)

Melissa and Doug Pizza Party set

Magnetic Dress up set

Birthday cake set

Tea set for tea party

Plastic food and utensils

Doctor set, dentist set

Vet set

Cutting fruit set

Cooking set

Picnic set

Tool set

Post office set

Supermarket set with a cash register

Talking tubes or a microphone

Plastic phone or cell phone

Musical instruments


Wind-up toys


Blocks and stacking cups

A plastic fishing pole with fish

Dress-up clothes

Play-doh and play-doh sets

Stay tuned for more ideas on how to use the above toys in therapy.

Roadrunner Rally!

On Thursday October 3rd our Cumberland Road PTO is planning a fun activity for our Roadrunner Rally! Our EC kiddos will be participating in special activities on our EC playground, including a fun bubbly time! Packets came home about helping donate for our rally as this is one of the great fund raisers that CRE does to help raise money for teachers, our classrooms, and all things Cumberland Road! Please think about making a contribution! If you need another donation form, let me know and I can send one home!

Let's Get Messy......Sensory Ideas for Home!

So, we love to be able to have something quick, right at our fingertips, that we can give to our children to use as "fidgets," or something to hold in their hands that feels good, doesn't always have to make noise, and if you bite into it won't be the end of the world! Welcome to sensory balloons! We have made several of these in our classroom! These balloons are filled with things like rice, sand, play-dough, noodles, you name it! It it will fit in the balloon, and it's non-toxic, try it! I'm embedding a link below to show how you can make these, but also realize that they let the children help fill them, which is great, I would just be leery of the use of scissors! :) Have some fun, make a sensory balloon! You may even find yourself squeezing these in times of stress!
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We've Got Skills!

In this section of our newsletter you will find skills we work on in our classroom. Some skills, you will notice, might be listed quite a lot, but they are skills that we are continually working on now and always! The rest of the list consists of things that may go with our theme, or they are newer skills we are trying to acquire! Here is what we have been working on thus far during our first couple of weeks! We are already seeing LOTS of great things! OH, and please don't think this list is all we work on! These are highlights of our hard daily work!

  • Sharing materials
  • Following our classroom routine, using a picture schedule
  • Taking something off of the flannel board, or placing a picture on to a picture or flannel board
  • Simple motor imitations (clapping hands, tapping legs, waving, giving high five's)
  • Starting to recognize our pictures and pictures of friends
  • Rolling a ball back and forth, and trying some throwing and catching!
  • Matching picture to picture and picture to object!
  • Being able to "give me _______" when an adult or friend is requesting something!

Check out what we are learning!


Monday, Oct. 20th, 8:15am to Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, 1pm

7055 W 675 S

Pendleton, IN

Our first field trip of the year, and it's a great one! We will be taking the AM CLASSES ONLY on Monday, October 20th (no PM class that day), and the PM CLASSES ONLY on Wednesday, October 22nd (no AM class that day). Both days last from 8:20-1:00 p.m.

We take our trips this way so the place we are going can accommodate us with so many students going!

****PLEASE NOTE, if you want to attend/volunteer, you must have a background check on file and you must have watched and signed off in the anti-bullying video! Those links can be found on our HSE schools website.....

It is taking up to 5 business days for those background checks to make it into the system, so I encourage you all to please do this if you haven't already! :)

Also, payment must be made for both you and your child if you are both going!

Everyone gets to take a pumpkin home, pet farm animals, take a tractor/hay ride, and play on their playground! It's a great day! I encourage parents to attend and enjoy the day with your child! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Paperwork needs turned in by Thursday, October 3rd! It is coming home with your child Monday!

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Special Notes and Upcoming News/Events

  • CRE Road Runner Rally - Thursday, October 3rd (get your donations in!)
  • EC Parent Night, Wednesday, October 8th, 6-7 p.m. - more information to come home this week!
  • Field trips! Mark your calendars for Monday October 20th (AM CLASS ONLY), and then Wednesday October 22nd (PM CLASS ONLY). We are headed to the farm! It's a fantastic trip! Paperwork due by Thursday October 3rd!
  • Parent/Teacher conferences - week of October 20th! Sign-ups for a parent/teacher conference meeting are on their way soon!
  • Fall break - Thursday October 23rd - Sunday October 26th, back in school Monday October 27th!

Check This Out.....

One of our favorites from 2nd Circle!

2nd Circle typically happens at the end of our day. It involves using some kind of video clip, or iPad app that is motivating and at the same time has TONS of concepts we can work on and learn from! Transitioning to our 2nd Circle is one of our easiest transitions!

SPORTS BALLS (Song For Kids ♫)
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