The Bonfire of Vanities

Nicole Mormelo Tb 1/4

What is The Bonfire of Vanities?

The Bonfire of Vanities was a burning of objects such as art, books, cosmetics and more. They believed that these objects would encourage people to sin.

Who were part of/ effected by The Bonfire of Vanities?

Supporters of the Dominican priest, Girolamo Savonarola, collected and publicly burned thousands of works of art, cosmetics and books.

The leaders of this event were the supporters and the Dominican priest himself.

The victims that were effected by all the destruction, were the people who enjoyed the luxuries of those objects.

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When did the Bonfire of Vanities take place?

The Bonfire of Vanities took place on the 7th of February 1497.

Why did the supporters want to destroy these "vanities"?

The supporters of the Dominican priest thought that the objects/ vanities would encourage or tempt people to sin. They thought the way the people would react to these objects would go against the priest's teaching of the church.

Where did this take place?

The bonfire took place in Florence Italy.
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How is this cultural genocide?

This is cultural genocide because one group destroyed another groups luxuries. One group didn't think that what they were doing was right. They took it into their own hands and the Dominican priest's supporters gathered the "vanities" and publicly burned the other groups belongings.
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