Fire It Up

2015/2016 - Transitional Ceremony

Why are you celebrating the transition of the old year to the new, and how?

How are you appreciating all the experiences you have had this year, the great ones, the difficult ones?

And what are your aspirations for 2016, while building on what was in 2015?

We decided that we want to be fulfilled at the transition of the years, instead of being filled with only food and alcohol; also because we have a whole night to go anyway ;)
Joining this evening program will give all of us a meaningful closure of the year and an inspiring welcome to the new year, while celebrating both.

Part 1 beginning @18.00 (40 tickets of €35,-, include night tickets) we will have a facilitated program with some snacks and drinks, where we gather around and share with eachother about our year in 2015 and what we wish for ourselves for the next year.
Part 2 beginning @22.00, untill 1.00 (100 tickets of €15,-) there will be meaningful storytelling around the subject of the night and an artistically designed bonfire. The tickets include 2 drinks + champagne, soup and bread.

Tickets available here

For tickets:

Fire It Up - 2015/2016 - Transitional Ceremony

Thursday, Dec. 31st, 6pm-1am

Wiltzanghlaan 60


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Full tickets

18:00 - Guided Transit process with Jaron Reisman & Bea de Munnik

Partial tickets

22:00 - The Story & Ceremony with ....

23:45 - The Burning & Letting go of the old with Pepijn van Zoest

00:00 - The Music with ...