Things I did this semester

December 10,2015


Fayette county finally got a Football team in a little ol town named Fayetteville, Fayetteville never thought they would get a team but a rich man can do anything. we were underskilled compared to the other teams we faced and finally when we got to play our first game everyone was tired and was getting injured. we lost 68 to 6 but with a terrible victory we didn't get down we only got better. but in the end we finally got better because when we lost all those games they caused us to do better.


  1. Journals about the reading at mass
  2. Retreat in Brenham
  3. Hours working with the community
  4. Classes every Wednesday
  5. Saint report
  6. Essay to father
  7. rehearsal for confirmation

A&M field trip

FIrst i got up and went to school, then we left on the bus heading to A&M, we got there then we met a woman and she taught us about the century tree and how if we go under it with someone we will be with them forever and if we go under alone we will be lonely for ever. then we went and looked at sully, then we went by kyle field and bent over and learned how to yell. Then we went in a classroom and watched a powerpoint. Then we went to eat at this shady looking place but when we went in it looked pretty pimp. And finally we went to the rec center and toured all the different things they had there.
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