This Week in Mrs. Crye's Class



Thanks so much for such a great conference week. I so appreciate the open communication I have with all families in this class. It was really fun to share kids' progress since kids are really doing so well academically!

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

With the above positive note about conferences- I would like to reiterate some important, final 2 months, points to you.
Our class LOVES each other. (a bit too much at times) This is a good thing - however, there are very few kids in this class that can go from A to B without involving another kid. Whether it be to tell other kids how to do things, what to do, where to go, or simply talk and hang out with friends all day. When kids come in from recess, our cubby area looks a lot like a junior high hallway with kids leaning and talking to each other, with little regard for where they actually should be.
I have tried a lot of things, but now I would love some help. (And you are all great parents and helpers, so thank you in advance.)
Please reinforce with your kiddos, to leave each other alone as much as possible, unless the assignment requires a partner. They simply have so much trouble leaving each other alone.
That being said, I am also going to be getting a few more individual desks. There are some kiddos who will be working at individual desks until they can prove that they are capable to get their work done. My classroom is barely ever quiet, but some kids distract others too much or are too involved with others, and are needing to move.
We have two months and a LOT to learn, and I'd like to be able to teach them without getting frustrated, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. This mix of personalities is just a different year for me.
So - any reinforcement will be great on your part.

Field Trip and Park

Also - One thing I've used as an incentive is our upcoming field trip. I have let kids know that if they cannot/do not show me they can be listeners, they will not go on the field trip with the class. I'm sorry if this creates a problem, but my ultimate goal is that everyone can go.

They are also going to try to "earn" a park field trip on the 2nd to last day of school. We go every year. This is the first year I am having them earn it. We'll do this with a bar graph and points on our wall starting next week. They will have a little less than 2 months to earn it.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING - we are having to constantly mix things up with these spunky kids. :)