Moon Over Manifest

By- Clare Vanderpool

Vocab Time!

1. bevy- a group of girls or young woman

2. apprise- to make aware of

3. carouse- revelry in drinking

4. colander- bowl-shaped strainer

5. bauble- trinket; trifle

Who changed the most from beginning to the end?

I believe that Jink changed the most from beginning to end because in the beginning he was a thief and didn't know what it as like to have real family. When Ned Gillen took Jink to Manifest it changed Jink's life. Being in Manifest taught him to appreciate his friends who took him into their family. He was on the run from the cops and his Uncle who made jink think that he killed someone. When his uncle died he made sure not to end up like him. He changed his life for the better. He went from a thief to an amazing, honest father.

My review on Moon Over Manifest!

I believe the book Moon Over Manifest is an unbelievably good book. The book starts of with action and mystery. The best books are the ones that switch from past to present and make you remember which one your on. Moon Over Manifest was telling two heart warming stories. The story that was in the present was based on Abilene Tucker who was sent to Manifest for the summer, and the past story was based on Jink. These two stories went with each other and made sense. I very much suggest reading the amazing book.

Quote response!

"'...I'm Abilene. I'm twelve years old and a hard worker,' I said, like I had a hundred other times in as many towns." (Vanderpool 14)

I believe this quote is important because it shows Abilene's situation. She always moved from place to place because they were poor. She believed there were things called universals, and that everyone is the same. She tells them she is a hard worker because of the things her father and her go through to get food.