Winterfest: Stress Less 2015!

@Your Hooch Learning Studio

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What It Is

Are you stressed to the max thinking about SLOs, EOC testing, and final exams? Do the end of the semester projects have feeling tired, anxious, and irritable? Stress no more! Come destress with us in the Hooch Learning Studio the week of December 7-11!

Schedule of Activities

  • Monday, 12/7: Therapeutic Coloring (think the adult coloring pages for calmness trend right now)

  • Tuesday, 12/8: Therapy dog day with Hudson, the therapy dog!

  • Wednesday, 12/9: Games, Gaming, and Puzzles (Wii Games Appropriate for School and Board Games)

  • Thursday, 12/10: Yoga and Breathing for Relaxation

  • Friday, 12/11: Holiday/Winter Crafts and Fun

How do I sign up?

1. Come by the media center before, during, or after school for a ticket during your lunch period for the activity or activities you want to participate in.
2. Fill out the ticket and our sign-up sheet.
3. Ms. Hamilton or Ms. Olson will stamp your ticket.
4. Hang onto your ticket---you will need it to get in the day of your de-stress event!

On The Day of Your Event: Guidelines!

1. You must have your ticket with you on the day on the event to be admitted.

2. You must sign in electronically as
normal. Please arrive as soon as possible.

3. You must use your time doing the activity/participating in the activity.

4. You may bring a snack or bagged lunch as long as you clean up!

Thursday, 12/8: Yoga and Breathing for Relaxation

Come join us at the top of each lunch hour for some light and gentle yoga as well as breathing exercises to help you exhale that stress and find inner peace!

Friday, 12/9: Winter Crafts and Fun

Join us as we do paper crafts and more to celebrate the winter season!