Florida State University!

By: Melea Maynor

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What you should know about the school

~It is a 4 year University

~In Tallahassee, Florida, with a beautiful campus

~Out~of~State will cost about $32,771, but there is always a chance for scholarships!

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~It has about 41,477 students and the Unversity is about 475 acres

~The deadline is March 18, 2015 and you need a minimum of a 3.8 GPA, 26-30 ACT, and a 1760-1960 SAT scores

~The campus visits are Jan. 7-April 24, May 11-August 7, August 24-Dec. 4

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~There are a lot of majors such as; Criminolgy, Career Counseling, Athletic Training, Choral Music, and so much more.

~The student-to-faculty is 26:1 and the class sizes are about 40 students to more.

~The housing is about 5,424 dollars and the food plans is $3,900

~There are a lot of scholarships to help with the tution and other costly things

Come and join us!