We've worked hard & had some fun...

read all about the things we've done! 9/21/14


Last week in math, we were focused on not only measuring accurately in inches, but also comparing the measurements of two different items. We recognized that comparing heights or lengths is finding the difference between the items, so we must subtract the two measurements. We know that comparing these measurements allows us to find out how much longer or shorter one item is than another.

Each day we complete a word problem warm up. After reading the problem twice & thinking about the information & what we are being asked to solve, we search for key words that help us decide if we will need to add or subtract. Our highlighters have been a help when identifying & highlighting those key words for addition & subtraction!

Spelling & Sight Words

Our Unit 2 spelling list will come home with your child tomorrow (Monday). Due to no school on Friday, there was no time for me to look over them & get them back to children before dismissal on Thursday! Our new Unit 3 list did come home with your child on Thursday. Although I typically keep the homework load lighter, I will send one spelling assignment each week that is to be completed & returned to school. This work ensures that your child is doing some practice at home, in addition to building a sense of responsibility & accountability in your child. I understand that lives are busy, so I make an effort to send new lists home at the end of each week. This allows your child to find some time to practice these words over the weekend, rather than having only week nights to do so!

Spelling practice at home may include sorting words beginning with the short i sound with those that have it in the middle of the word, writing each word in a sentence, reading the words, or taking a practice test at home.

I have set up a Spelling City homepage for our class. I have created 16 sight word lists that correlate with the red paper lists sent home each week. Tomorrow your child will be bringing home the Week 4 sight words. Your child can practice our sight words online by choosing either "teach" or "play games" options next to each word list on the homepage. I have not created spelling lists because we have three different lists in our classroom each week. However, parents can visit spelling city.com and create a free basic account which will allow you to enter your child's spelling words each week. Click the link below to visit our homepage!


Reading & Writing

All of the guided reading centers that we will be starting off with have been introduced & practiced. The focus has been making sure that everyone knows their assignments & understands the expectations, as I will not be available when I am meeting with small groups. I'm looking forward to beginning small reading groups soon!

During writing, everyone was assigned one or two writing buddies for the duration of our Narrative Unit. We practiced telling a story across our fingers, then jotting down just a few words on each page of a booklet. As the week went on, we turned those notes into complete sentences in our booklets. There was a great deal of excitement when children learned that they will be writing in their booklets in pen! I want them to focus on writing their ideas without worrying about erasing. We first need to get our ideas on the paper, then we will worry about editing & revising. Towards the end of the week, our focus was adding details to our stories. We call this "magnifying our small moments".

Things to Remember or Make Note of...

-Friday is our regular library day, so books should be returned on or before Friday!

-Our Unit 3 spelling post test will take place on Friday!

-Our first D.A.R.E. session was canceled last Thursday, so we will meet with Officer Hogan for the first time this Thursday!

-Tuesday is Picture Day! If you are ordering pictures, order forms should be sent to school on Tuesday! All students will have their picture taken, regardless of whether you are ordering.