Fire and Inking on/in Flower

Ink pollution effects of fire

Why This Experiment?

This experiment is to see if ink pollution caused resistance to the burning of a flower.

How Was The Experiment Done?

A forest fire was stimulated. A pile of leaves was set on fire, then the flower was placed in the flames. The time was recorded for all the ink polluted flowers. There were pen ink, permanent marker ink, highlighter ink, and just regular pure water

The 2 hypothesis were 1.) The ink will decrease the resistance. 2.) The ink will increase the resistance.

The ink pollution decreased the resistance of fire

What Happen During The Experiment?

The regular pure water flower burnt the longest. While the highlighter ink burnt the fastest. The flowers were soaked in the ink pollution for 25 hours. They didn't soak all the way to the pedals, just to the stems. So therefor Ink pollution decreases the flowers resistance to fire.