Compass Learning -

Log in and assignment for Compass Learning

Log IN

Copy and paste the following link (in a new browser):

User Name and Password

IF you already have an account, use the same user name and password. If you are new to Compass, then use the following:

User: first name.last name

Password: innovate123

School: IDP

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Click on the Correct Course

You should see a lot of icons for courses. You are to find the ENGLISH COURSE that is CIRCLED. There is only four English Courses:

E1 (Which counts for 9th grade English and E1 or E2)

E2 (Which counts for 10th grade English and E3 and E4)

E3 (Which count for 11 grade English and E5 and E6)

Make sure when you log into the course, that it says "Sean Turner" at top within course.

Complete an Activity

You can click on any folder and in any order. Complete a Learning Activity (usually a video) and then complete a quiz or test. You do NOT have to complete any writing activities. Just push submit.


After you complete each learning activity AND quiz, go back to Schoology and respond to one discussion thread.