LAN School

User Interface Tips

These tips are adapted from the LanSchool User Guide


Features within LanSchool are grouped under one of six menu items:

  1. Demonstrate
  2. Monitor
  3. Speak
  4. Restrict
  5. Administer
  6. View

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LanSchool Toolbar Buttons

To use a feature in LanSchool, select student(s) and press the LanSchool Toolbar button that corresponds to the feature you wish to use.

  • One click will cause the button to depress and change to a lighter color.
  • Click again on the button to turn the feature off.

Some Toolbar Buttons have a little arrow to the right of the button. This will help access additional options for that feature.

Buttons can be added, removed or moved by clicking on View then Configure Toolbar.

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Web and Application Limiting

Web and Application limiting must be configured before you they can be activated.

To configure:

  • Click on Administer from the top menu bar.
  • Near the bottom, you'll see Preferences. Click on Preferences.

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Viewing Students in LanSchool

Detail View: Shows a list of students. With this view, you can see student login in, student full name, serial number of the machine student is using, the current application they are using, the last website they visited, the last question they sent to the teacher, and their IP address.

Thumbnail View: Shows a grid layout of students. Log-in name shows up beneath student. Hovering over a student screen will enlarge for a better view of what they are doing on their computer. Icons appear to show what applications the students are using.

Screen Feed: Similar to a news ticker. Screen shots rotate through for a quick glance of what each student is doing. Student log-in name shows up.

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Refresh Screen

LanSchool will need to be refreshed periodically to ensure all students devices are being discovered and to display to most recent content.

  • On a PC, press F5 to refresh
  • On a Mac, press command-r
  • OR click on the View menu at the top and select refresh.

Hotkey for LanSchool Menu

Use ctrl+alt+L to quickly access LanSchool.

Selected Only

In Thumbnail view, highlight students you want to monitor separately from the whole group by clicking on them. On the View All button, click the little arrow and click on Selected Only.
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