January 15, 2016

Priorities for the Week

  • Today: Student holiday

  • Today by 9am: HS upload SS tracker to One Drive

  • Today by noon: timesheets due

  • Today by 5:00pm: pulse check survey follow-up posted in TVS

  • Monday: HOLIDAY!

  • Tuesday: Team Meeting 9-10am

  • Friday 10-11am: All Staff Meeting (required)

Upcoming Meetings & Trainings

  • Today: NO 3-8 or HS staff meetings
  • 1/26: FAST PLC at 2:00--Overcoming Roadblocks (required)
  • 1/28: FAST NDP at 2:00--FAST & Special Programs (optional)
  • 2/9: FAST PLC at 2:00--Retaining Students (required)
  • 2/12: Virtual All Staff PD 9:00am - 1:00pm (required)
  • 2/23: FAST PLC at 2:00--Motivation (required)
  • 2/25: K12 Promising Practices Conference (optional but strongly encouraged)
  • 3/18: All Staff March STAAR Training 12:00-1:30 (required)
  • 4/22: All Staff May STAAAR Training 12:00-1:30 (required)
  • 6/14: All Staff Summer Testing Training 9:30-10:30 (required)

*For K12 trainings, you need to enroll in any sessions at least one hour prior to the training.

Important Dates

1/15: Student Holiday/Staff Work Day

1/18: MLK, Jr. Holiday

1/22: All Staff Meeting 10-11am

1/31: Region 10 Compliancy Courses deadline (all staff)

1/31: January Expense Reports due

2/12: Virtual PD all staff 9am-1pm

2/15: President’s Day Holiday

"The time is always right to do what is right."

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reminders & Updates

  • Since today is a student holiday, please do not give any FEPs if a student does not attend a BOT meeting. Strong Start teams: You can continue to make welcome calls today.

  • Every school year, employees of Texas schools are required to take several courses in order to comply with state and federal laws. Please see the email I sent on 12/10 regarding the Region 10 Compliancy Courses. All staff will need to complete those courses by COB January 31, 2016.

  • The next school-wide pulse check survey will be EMAILED to all families on Tuesday, January 19th.

  • Grades 3-8: Benchmarks are open through next Friday so you can still include that on any BOTs for next week.

Welcome Call Notes

Remember that all notes need to be posted within 2 weeks of the student’s start date!

· Start date 1/4: note posted by 1/15

· Start date 1/11: note posted by 1/22

· Start date 1/19: note posted by 1/29


Congratulations to Jessica McDowell! Her proposal was chosen and she will be presenting on what a FASL does at the K12 Promising Practices conference next month!


TO: Tarrah Lancaster

FROM: Seana Baughman

Thanks for calling to visit the other day. It was good to hear your perspective and look at things together. Sorry I didn't have an answer but so appreciate hearing what works for others. Hope I get to talk to you again soon!

TO: Val & Shelby

FROM: Kari Banks

Thank you for your great working notating the accounts of the withdrawn students.

TO: Mindy

FROM: Kelly

Kudos to volunteering to take notes during the K12 PLC on Tuesday!

This area will allow our team to give a shout out to another FAST team member! If you would like to post one, click on the link below:

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The Family Academic Support Team’s Goal is to ENGAGE students in their education, EQUIP families with the necessary tools, ENCOURAGE them to be successful, EMPOWER families to meet EXPECTATIONS.