Should Kids Wear Uniforms?

By: Idaly Jimenez

My reasons

Do you think kids should wear uniforms? Well I think we should. I will tell you about

* The dress code

*It can stop bullying

* Then it can stop morning arguments

The Dress Code

  1. Teachers do not have to monitor students attire.
  2. Students will not worry about what type of clothes to wear.
  3. This will really help teachers and students stay focused.
  4. This is what I have to say about the dress code.

It Can Stop Bullying

  1. Bullies might form a group to make fun of your clothes altogether so it can hurt more.
  2. Bullying might have kids not want to go to school anymore.
  3. Then it might make the kids feel unsafe or left out because of this. This are some thing wear uniform will help decrease.

Morning Arguments

  1. It can help getting ready for school easier which can improve punctuality.
  2. You can be ready for school early so you are not tardy.
  3. Then you do not have to spend a while looking for an outfit.